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Indus Chemical Services is a reputable water proofing company working since 2004, we have well-equipped & experienced professional team involved in the structural repairing, water/heat proofing & seepage control solution to customers belong to industries, residential units & commercial buildings.

Modern life style, safety for expensive interior & erosions in building structures demand appropriate solution to protect infrastructure of buildings, technological progress in construction industry has made possible today to correct leakage & seepage problems at lower cost without dismantling building structures.

We have competent & trained professionals that can provide you the best available services to repair any kind of leakage & moisture from your premises by using imported & effective chemicals at competitive prices with the best technical expertise. Chemicals used by us are generally based on elastomeric, polymeric & bitumen membrane that protect your premises for longer lifespan.

We are specialized in roof water proofing, heat insulation over the roof, bathroom sewerage lines leakage control without broken building structure, cracks & joints repair, basement water proofing, water tanks & swimming pools leakage control, Flore grouting in Basements & bathrooms, Anti-erosion transparent coating, water-tank cleaning, pest control & Termite Control Treatment.

Our value clients including multinational organization, banks, industries, warehouses, commercial buildings & residential buildings & houses, we always care our customer’s satisfaction through reliable & effective services.


  • Water proofing services
  • Heat insulation
  • Bath room Seapage
  • Basement water Proofing
  • Water tank leakage control
  • Anti-Rusting Transparent Coating

  • Cracks & Joints Repair

  • Termite Control & Proofing

  • Water-Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

  • Pest-Control Services


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involve a carefully planned series of steps, centered around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.


Years in the Market.

Completed Projects.

Skilled Professionals.

What & How

Water & Heat Proofing:
Protection of modern concrete structures is the most serious problem being faced by all stack-holders in the industry, technological progress in construction sector have been made possible today to overcome seepage issues and protect expensive interiors, building structures, decorative work, and cut down maintenance cost.

We have elastomeric membrane coating, it has the most desirable attributes required in water & heat proofing for roofs & walls at reasonable cost with long lasting protection from water penetration and reduction in heat absorption.

We also offer Epoxy, Polyurethanes, Acrylics, Silicones, Silanes, Bitumen, and rubberized waterproofing coatings on roofs, water tanks, basements, walls, and floors.

Leakage & Seepage Control without destruction of building:
Leakage in roofs, water tanks, basement and bathroom sewerage system produces water droplets into walls, roof and foundation in building caused seepage appearance at close to bathrooms, roof ceilings and walls that seriously damage expensive interiors, art work, weaknesses in building structure, corrosion in concealed electric & other fittings as well as it may significantly exceed the maintenance cost.

Indus Chemical Services offers the best available solution for leakage & seepage control without any bit of dismantling building structure at most reasonable prices with service guarantee.

Cracks Filling:

Process & Advantages

  • Water Proofing Process:

    • Washout & remove dust on target area of treatment.


    • Fill patches, holes, cracks and fractured spots present in treatment place.


    • Apply primary coat as sealant chemicals to fill capillaries of roof or walls.


    • Apply Thick coat over the roof.


    • Apply fabric sheet on the treatment area.


    • Apply another thick coat to further strengthen water proofing layers.


    • Apply final coat to finish the water proofing treatment.
  • Advantages:

    • Elastomeric membrane has excellent & long lasting water proofing & weather proofing resistant.


    • Roofs become smooth, shiny and safe from penetration of water & absorption of heat.


    • Included reflective chemical agent produce reduction in temperature up to 20%.


    • Roofs become cool even you can walk during hot environment.


    • Seepage control increase the life span of building structure.


    • Waterproofing is the key safety for expensive interiors & decorative work.

    Guarantee:       5-Years

  • Causes of Leakage:

    • Cracks, holes, and fracture in Sewerage pipe lines.


    • Loose joints in concealed sewerage pipe lines.


    • Fractured drain lines or damage plaster in main holes.


    • Damage Grouting in flooring tiles mostly cause penetration of water into foundation.


    • Concrete (RCC) roofs absorb rain water cause seepage.
  • Leakage Control Process:

    • Initially dryness of water present in P-Trap by cotton.


    • Pump water resistant chemical inject into P-Trap then apply air pressure so that chemical may reach inside sewerage pipe to seal joints and form inside layer to fill cracks & micro holes.


    • Repair grouting in floor tiles to prevent water penetration in foundation.


    • After the chemical treatment bathrooms or kitchen must be closed for any use for 30 to 48 hours.

    Reasons of Cracks:

    Cracks can take place due to chemical reactions in construction materials like mixture of old & new cement apply in construction, changes in climate, foundation movements and settling of buildings, environmental stresses like nearby trains, earth quakes, fire, heavy rains, and flood etc. Faulty design, bad quality materials, wrong method of construction, weather effects and lots of wear and tear can create cracks in walls, floors and ceilings.

    Crack filling Process:

    • Expand the corners of crack.


    • Apply primary coat by water resistant chemical inside surface of crack.


    • Fill crack with water resistant chemical paste.


    • Paste fabric sheet over the crack.


    • Finally apply water resistant thick coat over the fabric.
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